How to Send email/SMS to Applicants/Candidates throughout the Hiring Process.

Discover the power of personalized communication during the hiring process with Pipehire! Learn how to send custom messages to applicants/candidates and create templates for successful communication.

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Get started by selecting the "Email/SMS Templates" option in the top right corner.

In the "Templates for Email and SMS" module, you'll find two tabs: (1) Email Templates and (2)SMS Templates.

Choose the tab that suits your needs and click the "+ New Template" button to create your own.

A new window will appear where you can enter the (1) template's name and (2) email subject and (3) compose your message.

(4) Don't forget to use "merge tags" for that personalized touch.

Once your template is ready, save it and head to the "Funnel" module to send messages.

To send a message:

Go to the respective stage/column and select the desired applicant/candidate.

Click on the applicant's name, then go to the Email/SMS tab.

Choose whether you want to send an Email or SMS and select the template from the (2) "My Templates" list or explore the suggested templates from (3) "Pipehire Useful Templates." The system will automatically load the content if you've used a template.

If you haven't created any templates, go to: (1) "Create your templates here" to start building your own.

Review the message, make any necessary adjustments, and hit the "Send Email" button when you're ready.

When crafting an SMS, keeping a few key points in mind is crucial. Here's how the SMS composer is organized:

1. Composition Area: This is where you'll pour your thoughts onto the screen, creating a message that truly resonates.

2. Signature Area: Give clear instructions to the recipient on how they can respond to your company's designated number. Leaving this section empty is not an option.

3. SMS Preview: Just before you click the "send" button, carefully refine and finalize your message. Make sure it leaves a memorable impression.

Compose, captivate, and conquer the SMS realm!

Note: Get instant responses delivered straight to your email/SMS. Experience the utmost convenience of receiving information in your existing services/systems, like your email inbox.

You can sit back and relax as the information seamlessly flows into your inbox. The best part about this is that you don't have to navigate any new systems or services - the data is sent to you where you are already comfortable and established.

After receiving the response from your applicants/candidates, you can upload any images and documents into the file manager.

Uploading images and documents associated with each candidate can streamline the process and make it easier to keep track of valuable information.

We hope this article helps you clarify the setup of this useful feature.

Just start a chat if you have any questions. We are here to help! 😃

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